Death Doula Services

death doula/helper is an individual who helps a person and their family navigate through the process of death and dying. 

Are you or your loved one having difficulties with death or the dying process? 


Have you or your loved one been diagnosed by a terminal illness, have been suffering for a long time with many chronic conditions, or have been physically debilitated and unable to move, speak, eat or do anything for yourself and have been ready to pass for a long time but unable to? 


Are you feeling anxious and afraid of death of yourself or your loved one and desire to transform this fear? 


Are you afraid of death and want to plan a happy and easy death in the future no matter how far away this may be?


Have you or your loved passed away recently, and you are feeling overwhelmed by grief, unable to move on and live your life? 


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You are not alone, and you do not need to struggle anymore. 

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Meet your Death Doula (helper) - Cristina


Cristina is an angel on earth and was born with a special gift that enables her to help people to pass via the rainbow bridge and go home to be with god/source/the universe/energy. 


She works with a team of angels and guides who assist her in working with the person and the family who is going through a death process both: physically and energetically providing healing and facilitating a calm and comfortable death. 


She helps the person who is ready to pass by holding his/her hand energetically and showing him/her the way back home, by holding the loving energy of permission to both the individual passing and the family to help them to let go. 


Her high vibration, connection to the angels, compassionate, loving and kind energy helps you to let go of the fear of death and surrender to the unknown.


Desert Dunes

Are you ready to transform your fears about death?

Death is not meant to be a scary, painful or overwhelming process that we need to fear. 


- It is a natural part of life, and it is the only guarantee that we will all experience in this life. 


- It is a transition into another form. 


Death is not the end, energy cannot be destroyed and does not die, therefore, a person does not disappear even after they have passed from this physical body. 

Believe it or not, nobody dies before their time, no one’s death is merely an accident, coincidence or a fluke, we all pass away at the right time and in the right circumstances. 

Cristina’s story: 


Cristina has worked as a hospice nurse for the past 3 years and prior to that, she also practiced telemetry nursing worked in the hospital for 3 years. She has helped hundreds of people pass peacefully, calmly and happily in their own bed at home, or at the hospital. 


She was born in the Republic of Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe, where death is viewed as a normal part of life and all people are highly involved in when a person of the family passes. 


There, death usually happens in the home, where the family takes care of the body, and there are many ceremonies and rituals that both honor the deceased and give a space for the family to mourn. 


She has been around death since she was a child and has been to hundreds of funerals, as she grew up in a religious household where it was taught “it is better to be in the house of mourning than in the house of laughter”. 


She is highly familiar with the death and dying process because of her intricate and intimate job as a hospice nurse and life experience. She knowns the physical and the energetic subtleties and symptoms about death, when a person is dying and how to help facilitate a happy and easy death. 


She has helped and worked with many different family dynamics, most cultures and she can help you provide personalized care to you and your family member and make this process easier and more calm. 


She has been connecting and channeling the angels since birth and is always connected the the angelic realm. 


She is a highly experienced nurse and knowns about any medications, holistic practices that may be beneficial, however, she does not prescribe any medications. 


She is an entrepreneur and does not work with a hospice organization, does not abide by the nursing profession rules in this business and is her own entity and does things her own way. 

I will help you to 

  • rest, relax, let go, provide comfort

  • I can help you to understand why you have not passed yet, what needs to be healed, what needs to be let go of still

  • Facilitate forgiveness work

  • Remind you of your connection to the Angels - helps you to know that this life is not the only reality and invites a team of angels into your life to help you during this transition process

  • Help to work with your soul and to show you what you are learning through your life 

  • Help prepare you for the after life and help you to release past regrets and fears about this lifetime. 


I do not make a person to die, I help facilitate the process both physically and energetically, just like a birth doula does not give birth or guarantees a healthy baby, she just helps with the process. 


This is my role, I can help you to die peacefully and happily, but this will only happen if you allow it to happen and if you follow the recommendations that I and the angels provide. 

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