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Feeling lost and confused?

Receive the answers you are searching for by connecting to your soul and angels & guides. 

I can help you with:

  • Difficult life transitions/changes

  • Thriving as a sensitive being in the modern world

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Relationship hardships

  • Childhood trauma/difficult family dynamics

  • Career or purpose energy

  • Death & dying: if your loved one is close to death or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and you need help navigating this. I help both the family to understand and accept the person’s illness and navigate death as well as helping the person who is dying to have a beautiful, calm and happy transition into the energetic realms. 

  • If your loved one has already passed, I can help you navigate grief, help you to connect to your loved in heaven and bridge the gap that is needed so that you can move on with your life and live again. 

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Intuitive Sessions 

One-on-One Private Consultations are held via Zoom 

During the session, you may have your camera on or off. 

We will have a conversation and go over the most pressing obstacle that you are navigating at this time and we will uncover the belief systems that lie dormant, for you to be able to overcome these struggles. 

I will ask you questions based on the specific problem you are having and give you intuitive guidance that I am receiving from the Angels and both My Team of Guides and Yours & Your Inner Child.

My job is to guide you back Home to Your Heart and to help you get out of your Hell and back into your Heaven.


Our own soul already knows the way out of any situation and all of the answers, and we are being guided at every moment of every day. 


I can help you to see your own divinity, beauty and to be happy again.

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"My recent session with Cristina was, in a word "stunning." Cristina is a extraordinary Divenely-connected gifts, talents, authentically compassionate skills and powerful presence helped me tremendously. Her clear, accurate and readily understandable insight and guidance from the Divine Realm for my extremely challenging life circumstances gave me the confidence necessary to allow an opportunity to heal, to move forward spiritually, as well as find peace, calm, joy and a deeper understanding of my soul's desires. 

Her session changed my life immensely, for the better, restoring my hope, and bringing me a wife smile to my heart and soul. Such a huge and beautiful blessing, such a wonderful miracle! 
A million thanks to you, amazing Cristina. Blessings of ever more success and fulfillment!" 

Suzanne 10/10/2021

"It was like being stuck in mud. I questioned what I was doing and where I was going. After the second session, a path opened up for me. I’m now in a good place and moving ahead."

Henry, 11/4/2021