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Cristina Iurco 

Helping empaths and healers of the world to build a life they are happy and proud of, with the help of the Angels and guidance of soul. 

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Are you a healer and believe you incarnated in this lifetime with the genetic code and divine purpose to help humanity to heal either in your profession or daily life? 
Do you feel called to help shift the consciousness of humanity and increase the vibration of the earth, even if you don’t know how to yet?

Can you relate?

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Are you living with anxiety, fear, or are you in unhappy relationships?  

Are you feeling stuck in co-dependent patterns, people pleasing, self sacrificing and neglecting your own self and human needs?  

Being a healer is a powerful gift, however, when we over give and self sacrifice our own needs for the sake of others, we create a co-dependent pattern in our lives which is detrimental to our health and wellbeing.   

A Little bit about me:

My name is Cristina

I was born a highly sensitive being and have always felt that I came here with the purpose to help humanity to heal. 


I was born into a highly religious family in Moldova, and we moved to the USA in 2006. My childhood was difficult because of poverty, religious prosecution, my parents were in a highly volatile relationships and we were not doing well financially. Due to my childhood trauma, neglect which caused abandonment wounds, and having to play the little mom of the family, including being the responsible adult to my own parents from a very young age, I developed coping mechanisms such as people pleasing and self sacrificing my own needs for the sake of other’s wellbeing. 



I was trying to be the perfect daughter, the perfect nurse, the perfect girlfriend and friend. 

I tried my best to fit into societal norms however, I still felt deeply alone, constant low energy,

depressed and anxious, stuck in my career, and unhappy with where I was living and who I was 

spending all of my time with. I kept attracting unavailable men who would disrespect and

abandon me. 


I deeply wanted a way out of my own pain and to feel good about myself and about my life. 

I knew deep inside of me that there was more to life, I wanted so desperately to feel and to have

peace in my life, to belong, to have more energy and more time for fun, to move and to stop

interacting with the people in my life that were only bringing me down and being a huge distraction

and cause for pain in my life. 


I then started to watch videos on YouTube and Gaia and read hundreds of books on self help,

spirituality, esoteric teachings and the angels.

I would read or watch anything from Tony Robbins, Oprah, Eckhart Tole, Belinda Womack, Dolores Cannon, Gabby Bernstein, Louisy Hay and many other great spiritual teachers of our time. 


I have always been extremely fascinated with the angels. I remember growing up and feeling

happy and a deep resonance when I read anything about the angels. 


I subscribed to Gaia and came across a video about the 12 Archangels by Belinda Womack, I was stunned, I felt a deep resonance and I just knew I had to learn more, have you felt this way before? 


I started working with her  1:1 first and started a deep healing process which helped

me to transform deep wounds from this and past lives. 

Ever since then, I have been working with the beautiful Angelic Realm and

high vibrational love, I learned I am an angel myself and I am here to help guide

others who feel stuck in their path. 


I learned to use the power of the angels to heal myself, to cleanse my own energetic

aura from absorbing other people’s needs, to recognize how to stand up from

myself, how and when to speak my truth, to know when a boundary is needed

to be placed, to know when I can and when I cannot do things for other people.


I am living today life on my own terms and am no longer self sacrificing my own

needs and desires for the sake of other people. 

I graduated from the 12 Archangel’s Graduate Program by Belinda Womack and have been taught how to work with the angels, and how to channel and connect as a medium to the afterlife.


I went from never thinking of myself, my own needs and desires and living life focused solely on the people around me and what they wanted me to do and be. 


To, being highly independent and free, having strong boundaries and moving far away from my family and friends, being in a happy relationship with a kind and loving man, spending my time meditating, working on my business, spending time in nature, or playing with my puppy, journaling and doing yoga. 


Although, I am still healing and struggle with people pleasing at times or not standing up for myself, abandoning myself and giving into other people’s desires and going against what I desire. I learned that this a lifelong process and every day is a new opportunity to heal and to expand and grow. 


I am much stronger today than I was 5 years ago and unlike before, now I speak up when things bother me.


Today, I live my life according to my truth, I listen to my intuition, I respect and value myself and am confident to speak up when I need to. I no longer seek outside validation from the people around me, even my own family. 

I realized that although I am deeply grateful for my career as a registered nurse and the lessons that it has taught me, however, I no longer resonate with it and do not desire to give away my power and happiness towards working for the medical system, as it forces us to sabotage our own selves by overworking us into the ground and not allowing for independence and freedom to work with the true power that heals us all LOVE. 


Being a healer is a beautiful and powerful gift and you did not come to earth to squander it upon people who will never appreciate you or your great efforts. 


It's time to start taking responsibility for yourself and your own needs.  


I send you much love and hope that even though you feel you are here to love and help people

to heal, you are not here to disrespect yourself and to go against your own desires and intuition. 

My Mission on earth is to help other healers who have struggled with giving and caring for other

people, co-dependency, unhappiness and the feeling of being stuck. 


No relationship or decision is worth the pain you will feel if you create them out of fear to not be

disliked or rejected. 


I believe that the angels can help us all to transform all of our wounds and help us to live

better lives.

I believe that I am here to help others to heal, to show them the way back to themselves and all

of the struggles and the pain I went through serve me as a great teacher. 


If you resonate with me and the angels, you may work with me by booking a 1:1 Intuitive Session 

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I neglected and rejected my own self needs and desires because I was not taught that taking care of myself is important and I did not see this modeled in my life. 

Being the oldest and an immigrant have pushed me to be an overachiever, always being hard on myself and striving for perfection. 


I became a registered nurse and was working nightshift which was highly deregulating to my system.

To create the life
of your dreams